2017 12 Annual Auction a big Success

It takes a crowd to make a successful campaign.  Our community comes together and reaches out to our Cystic Fibrosis Families.  They are part of our CF community.  $62,000 raised to help our families in 6 counties.  We love our family foundation.  Everyday is a new beginning for us.



Thanks Giving Should be Everyday.

How can the Cody Dieruf Benefit Foundation thank you all enough for all that our community and surrounding areas do for us.  We are in awe of all your support and love.  We will always be thankful that 11 years ago, our community came to our aid when we lost our daughter, Cody to Cystic Fibrosis.  Many many thanks to all of you.cody-dad

“I have Dreams”

I have wishes to keep excelling in many activities like skiing hockey hunting hiking and biking! I also want to improve my horsemanship skills! In life I want to be an inspiration to others by having a good outlook and attitude on life. Showing them that even with a serious illness like cf people can still carry a smile everyday and be hard working and successful! I have a dream that less and less people suffer each year due to the advancements in medical technology! But until then I hope we can all keep our heads high, our smiles big and to appreciate this beautiful thing we are all blessed to be apart of, called life.
Thank you ginny! I hope that was helpful! Let me know if I can do anything else to help!

Find a Care Center in your area that specializes in CF Care

The high quality of specialized care available throughout the care center network has led to the improved length and quality of life for people with CF. Located at teaching and community hospitals across the country, these care centers offer the best care, treatments and support for those with CF.  Knowledge is power.  Power is confidence, Health is abundance.  Please make sure you find a care center with all around care. A CF Center specializing in  nutrition, physical therapy, psychology, respiratory therapy, expert care from trained nurses and physicians with CF experience.cody-in-hospital

It was never about me!

When our daughter, Cody was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of 9 years old, I knew we had a journey ahead of us.  We wanted to make her life as normal as possible, give her strength and guidance in her life to live her life independently with CF.cody-in-the-wheat-field

A Foundation of Hope

Cody Quote:  ” I guess I could say that I am approaching my old age now.  Cystic Fibrosis is my old age.  I already have the achy joints and the crepe paper lungs of an 80 year-year old man laughing in my abdomen, snoring behind my sternum.”A cody

High School Girl Volunteers to CDBF

Thank you to Heidi Stendlund. Heidi is a senior in High School and has offered to volunteer for our Cody Foundation. Yes, Heidi, we will put you to work. She will file and make new file tags for our organization. So proud to have Heidi a part of us. Thank you for choosing CDBF as your cause of choice.heidi-stendlund

Welcome CFF to Bozeman on Tuesday Sept. 13, 2016 Welcome all!

Welcome Amanda Zarr – Director of Individual Giving – Midwest Region
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
150 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 1550
Chicago, IL 60601
Amanda is coming to Bozeman, MT to celebrate this transformational time for the CF community and share the important progress we have made with our strategic plan and also discuss how we are pursuing new opportunities on the path to a cure. There will be time for questions – I promise I will do my best to answer them! Feel free to reach me on my cell anytime at (773) 580-0231.
All of you out there who are interested in coming to this gathering please contact me to set up a time. We are working on a location. It will be Tues, 9-13-16 starting around 1:30. We are excited to have Amanda come to our community to share this wealth of information
Helping our Own””cff