2017 12 Annual Auction a big Success

It takes a crowd to make a successful campaign.  Our community comes together and reaches out to our Cystic Fibrosis Families.  They are part of our CF community.  $62,000 raised to help our families in 6 counties.  We love our family foundation.  Everyday is a new beginning for us.



Moms, We Care. Moms Retreat in 2017

Need a break? Could your perspective and energy levels use a boost? If you’re like just about any other mom in the world, you’ll say a big “yes” to both of these questions.

Watch for details. The Cody Foundation want to thank our mothers in Montana for being such good moms and treat them to a 3 day retreat. Mothers of Cystic Fibrosis Children, we care and are working very hard to make this happen, and very excited. Please stay tuned. Empowering women, one story at a time.images

Red Lodge Event November 4, 2016

We are so honored to be chosen for a beautiful fundraising event at the Ox Pasture in Red Lodge.  The doors open at 6:30, dinner at 7. This will be an incredible 5 course meal, with wine pairings for each course. Please join us to raise money to support local families living with cystic fibrosis.      *Cash/check only*

The goal of The Cody Dieruf Benefit Foundation is to unite communities and families in Montana who are living with cystic fibrosis. CDBF offers financial assistance to families in Bozeman and Red Lodge, covering medical expenses denied by insurance as well as offering financial support to participate in life experiences that would otherwise be financially unattainable.

There are only 50 tickets available! If you would like to secure a spot please contact Gena Gale Burghoff for a reservation through email at oxpasturegm@gmail.com.   Thank you for supporting Cystic Fibrosis. 14753767_10211258498604718_9044242077310214475_o

6 to 11 year olds approved for Orkambi.

Last week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the use of lumacaftor/ivacafter (Orkambi) for children with cystic fibrosis ages 6 to 11, who have two copies of the most common CF gene mutation, F508del. The decision means that about 2,400 additional children in the U.S. are eligible to receive the drug, bringing the total number of those eligible for the treatment in the U.S. to nearly 11,000. Go to cff cff.org to read the rest of the article on the CFF website.

Save this date November 4, 2016

Event coming to Red Lodge Montana.  More info to be announced.


We are so grateful for the generosity of Ox Pasture, hosting a fundraiser for the Cody Dieruf Benefit Foundation, a non-profit that offers financial support for Maylie and other kids in Montana living with cystic fibrosis.
More details to come, but this will be a swanky affair.14469704_10154668472038836_9219778953372901798_n

Gateway to Yellowstone Park via the beautiful Beartooth Highway. Come and experience true western hospitality in this quaint, historic, mountain town.

Nestled against Montana’s highest mountain peaks, Red Lodge is a place of extraordinary beauty and, wherever you turn, real smiles, genuine warmth and a welcoming, Western-style hospitality.logo_rlmt

High School Girl Volunteers to CDBF

Thank you to Heidi Stendlund. Heidi is a senior in High School and has offered to volunteer for our Cody Foundation. Yes, Heidi, we will put you to work. She will file and make new file tags for our organization. So proud to have Heidi a part of us. Thank you for choosing CDBF as your cause of choice.heidi-stendlund