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 Fit for Life Recreation and Fitness Scholarship

Cystic Fibrosis is a chronic progressive, fatal, inherited disease which primarily affects the respiratory and digestive systems by creating thick, sticky mucus that blocks the lungs, airways and digestive organs. This leads to multiple infections and recurrent pneumonia. These repeated lung infections cause scarring of the lungs which causes permanent damage to the respiratory and digestive system. The mucus also blocks the pancreas which stops the digestive enzymes from reaching the intestines, where it is required to digest foods, causing malnutrition and poor growth, and cal also lead to diabetes. Children and young adults with CF must adhere to strict compliance with routine medicine and therapy routines to maintain their health. Exercise should be an integral part of the life of an individual with cystic fibrosis.

The Fit for Life Scholarship Application

Medical Assistance

CDBF provides medical assistance to those in need in the following Montana counties:  Gallatin, Park, Madison, Broadwater, Sweetgrass and Carbon.  Please download the Application for Aid Assistance, fill out completely and return to CDBF. Thank you!

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Mothers’ Retreat

 CDBF provides a weekend getaway for mothers of children with cystic fibrosis.  You’ll find our latest information on the next retreat on our events page.  

CF affects the entire family. There are doctor appointments, travel, scheduling family activities around treatments and hospitalizations that dominate the lives of these families. Beyond a restful weekend, mothers of children with CF from throughout Montana will have the opportunity to connect and support each other. We hope each mother may find new approaches to care for herself and return home, renewed, with new insight to meet the constant needs of CF in her family. All expenses of the retreat will be fully covered for each mother that attends.

Event Information and Registration for Mothers Retreat