Welcome Amanda Zarr – Director of Individual Giving – Midwest Region
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
150 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 1550
Chicago, IL 60601
Amanda is coming to Bozeman, MT to celebrate this transformational time for the CF community and share the important progress we have made with our strategic plan and also discuss how we are pursuing new opportunities on the path to a cure. There will be time for questions – I promise I will do my best to answer them! Feel free to reach me on my cell anytime at (773) 580-0231.
All of you out there who are interested in coming to this gathering please contact me to set up a time. We are working on a location. It will be Tues, 9-13-16 starting around 1:30. We are excited to have Amanda come to our community to share this wealth of information
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