Everyday, I am so touched by the kindness of others.  Welcome to The Cody Team, Beartooth IGA Market.

Beartooth IGA has chosen The Cody DIeruf Benefit Foundation for their Round UP Campaign in July.  At all registrars with a picture of one of their own living in Red Lodge with this disease, they ask the customers if they would like to “Round Up” to the nearest dollar and support The Cody Foundation.  This funding helps support those with Cytsic Fibrosis.

This lil gal loves her sister, Maylie, who has cystic fibrosis, so much.  They have a special closeness as if they were twins even though they are two years apart.   This comes from the love and support of a beautiful family, and Red Lodge opens up there hearts in so many ways.

Cystic fibrosis is a disease that affects not only the patient but the entire family, which needs to adapt to a new reality. Continually seeking knowledge and news about the disease can help patients and families stay updated and prepared for any unexpected event.

Beartooth IGA has made it there mission to help spread awareness of this disase called cystic fibrosis.

Thank you to the people of Red Lodge, MT.