CBDF is now Hiring- Executive Director Position

Executive Director, Job Description

Job Title: Executive Director Status: Full-time, 40 hours per week

Reports to: CDBF Board of Directors Supervises: Not applicable at this time

Job Summary: The Executive Director of the Cody Dieruf Benefit Foundation (CDBF) is selected by and reports directly to the CDBF Board of Directors. The Executive Director is responsible for managing and directing CDBF programs, personnel, and contractual relationships in accord with its organizational mission, goals, and operational policies.

The Executive Director is an integral part of the CDBF team and shall maintain a high degree of knowledge, discretion, and judgment in the non-profit field. The Executive Director shall be primarily responsible for the coordination of the CDBF fundraising and networking, for planning and implementing annual and long-term goals, and for envisioning and implementing programs designed to generate charitable support and awareness.

Primary Responsibilities

1. Define, implement, and manage programs that develop and enhance the three main priorities of the CDBF, which include: a. Assistance with payment of out-of-pocket medical-related expenses, including but not limited to providing the means to obtain specialty care;

b. Scholarships to encourage and fund recreation and fitness; and

c. The Mothers’ Retreat for mothers of children with cystic fibrosis.

2. Work closely with the Board of Directors to develop strategies for building charitable revenue through a variety of means including major gifts, corporate sponsorships, special events, direct mail, mass email, and social media.

3. Identify and build relationships with CDBF families, update families via e-news or email, and engage the families in appropriate events and services.

4. Intake, manage, track, and pay funding requests made by CDBF families, and obtain Board approval for payment where necessary in compliance with CDBF policies.

5. Develop partnerships with other relevant groups or associations, as appropriate, to implement and grow CDBF services and programs.

6. Facilitate, cultivate, solicit, and steward CDBF donors.

7. Develop and oversee the preparation of CDBF correspondence and reports to donors and significant partners.

8. Seek and develop opportunities to speak at clubs and conferences, attend community and other appropriate meetings, and otherwise promote the CDBF while utilizing Ginny and George Dieruf as the face and voice of the CDBF.

9. Manage and execute the annual giving campaign, including preparation and distribution of necessary written materials.

10. Reach and exceed pre-set financial goals through coordination and oversight of at least one annual major fundraising event.

11. Identify and oversee volunteers at CDBF events and fundraising programs.

12. Plan, coordinate and execute the Mothers’ Retreat.

13. Investigate, identity, prepare, and oversee the writing of applicable grants.

14. Develop and implement a public relations plan for social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked-In.

15. Track and monitor all financial giving utilizing the Boomerang Software Program for data entry and reporting, and work closely with the CDBF accountant and CDBF Treasurer regarding all CDBF funds.

16. Manage the CDBF office, including but not limited to ensuring all bills, mail, email, and other issues affecting the well-being of the CDBF are addressed and answered properly and in a timely manner.

17. Meet monthly with the Board of Directors to review progress with regard to the CDBF operational plan, program activities, fundraising, CDBF families, and other priority areas of the organization for which the Board requests updates.

18. Provide updates to the Board of Directors between board meetings, as may be required by the circumstances.

19. Engage in regular, informal, and formative feedback and performance evaluation with the Board of Directors.

Compensation DOE

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to CDBF board member Jackie Sather, jsather26@gmail.com

The above job description is a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director as is currently recognized by the CDBF Board of Directors. Job duties and expectations may be modified as required.

Welcome Mothers

The mothers’ retreat for moms of cystic fibrosis children is one way in which The Cody Dieruf Benefit Foundation
supports CF families. Our foundation, created in memory of our daughter, Cody,
honors Cody’s final request which was for us to help other families with Cystic Fibrosis.

We are on the countdown to September 28th, 2018. Our retreat will be held at 320 Ranch in beautiful Big Sky, Montana.


A Mom Shares her Story! We Love You Jeremy.

Jeremy is the younger of my two children with Cystic Fibrosis. He was born two months after my daughter’s diagnosis. He was a loving little boy, making people laugh, incredibly sensitive to others with “ imperfections.” Teachers and professors adored him, peers flocked to be with him.
He was always the more ill of the kids, but he took everything in stride, entertaining nurses and doctors at the hospital- he quickly became the nursing staff favorite.
He began drawing at an early age, becoming an incredibly talented artist by his teens- he had one of his pieces chosen for a local museum when he was in high school. He graduated with a dance in his step, and a PICC line in his arm.
Jeremy went on to study art/ graphic design for three years. The summer of his third year he got an infection his body couldnt fight off. He held on and fought for three long weeks in the ICU until the end. He turned 21 on life support and earned his wings just 11 days after that birthday.
Now, my daughter fights for both of them, continuing to enroll in the clinical trials they did together…and we are left with rooms full of his art and pictures of him with his beautiful smile.. I often wonder what he would be doing now, had he beat that last infection, and I miss him with every beat of my heart💔💔

The drawing is March 24, 2018 at our 13th annual auction

The raffle tickets for this beautiful Winchester Model 70 Featherweight will be drawn at our 13th annual live and silent auction on March 24, 2018.  You need not be present to win but we would love to have you attend.   All monies raised from this raffle will benefit our medical program providing specialty care for those with Cystic Fibrosis in 6 counties. Gallatin, Carbon, Broadwater, Madison, Park & Stillwater.  This gun was generously donated by Lou Raisler, from Bozeman, MT.  www.breathinisbelievin.org

The Cody Dieruf Benefit Foundation welcomes Jackie Sather to our board

Jackie Sather Joins The Cody Dieruf Benefit Foundation Board

We are so excited to have Jackie Sather as a new board member. Jackie says that she “is in complete awe of the strength and optimism of the families and individuals facing the hardships of cystic fibrosis.  CDBF’s programs and efforts help those affected by this disease – and perhaps – offers a bit of hope.   Being part of this board offers me the opportunity to continue to build on those efforts others have started.

2017 Mother’s Retreat a Great Success!

Our 2017 Mother’s Retreat turned out just as we hoped- a wonderful event for mother’s of children with Cystic Fibrosis to bond and reenergize their strength to help their children fight.  Here are some photos and kind words from those who attended:

So the official “We Walk Together,” CF mom retreat started today and WOW…I honestly can’t even try to explain in words how good it feels to relate, be able to listen, feel, and be heard by ears and minds that know and do…in the cf world. !!! I could never explain in words the level of good raw tears that have already been shed here just this evening from the introduction to a moms story, and closing. The last picture ended our evening with the honoring of our families and children with CF, we cried, We laughed and we cried, as we expressed our gratitude and said a few words of what this already means for us all! Mine was about not having the strength for a few days…to break down that wall…free the emotions, the struggles, feel renewed and inspired by each other. Embracing our CF heroes that are here with us sharing their stories of strength, hope, life after transplant etc!!! Wow, this is amazing and it’s just begun. I’m beyond thankful to share in this time with some excellent woman and newfound friendships! – Tonya


This weekend was filled with probably the most amazing energy and spiritual strengthening I have ever felt — this all felt through drumming, singing, tears, journaling, jewelry making, listening, stories of grief, stories of blessings, stories of triumph through transplant, friendships, feelings of belonging, acceptance, and the empowerment as we walked together this weekend in one of the most beautiful states ever-I will truly take a part of each of these beautiful mothers with me and keep in my heart always. Truly an experience of a lifetime and every mom/dad of a child with CF or other challenges your family is faced with must attend one retreat in their lifetime! – Courtney


Thank you so much for making your CF Mom Retreat so fabulous. Making it possible for each of those moms to come at no cost and to be treated with such care was so wonderful for them (and me too)!. We did it and the healing was tremendous. Those moms will never be the same. They will now go back with more strength and power than they even realized they could have. Now it is up to them to continue to care for themselves and I believe they will make the effort. That can be all the difference in being able to healthfully and successfully cope with the day to day caring for these very special children. I am so glad that you participated Ginny and I hope that healing came your way as well. And you too Laura, your ability to hold the space and guide the retreat was a gift for everyone. Great Success!!!!! – Steph


May the healing wave continue to embrace you – Isa


How blessed I am to have these women as my teachers. Joy and love at 320 Ranch in Big Sky, Montana at the CF Mother’s Retreat. With Ginny Dieruf and the Cody Dieruf Foundation – Ang


Thank you, Ginny, you’re such an inspiration and a guiding light to show all of us that we can do all things even in the weakest moments and you shine through all of us with your love and dedication that was put fourth in making something so special for so many of us. – Krista


Words can never express the vibrant energy that filled one room. – Felicia

I was able to feel the energy that emerged out of us & to bring us all joy is something very few get to experience in this thing called life. My experience on the We Walk Together was the most amazing & heartfelt.   Mothers coming together from all walks f life to share one thing in common made this world fell less small wishing the CF community. The enlightenment that it brought to my life is something that I never thought was even possible or the friendships that have been made through supportive eye without judgment. – Patricia


I am a mother who is not alone. This retreat has been a turning point in my life. I am coming to have a better grip and more control of me. I need to take care of me so that I can take care of my child. – Lanor


Although I never met Cody, I feel as if I felt her presence. I’m more than certain she had a part if bringing us all together. I’m honored and blessed to be apart of such an event. I want every CF mother to have the opportunity to experience what I did. I will be involved any way I can to make this happen. – Elaina


It is truly amazing how fast this healing can happen isn’t it? It happened because: As you walked through the tears that came to you. You accepted the CF mom journey on your own journey…..You saw that you need to care for yourself, create community and find meaning in your story. You did this, You opened, You let go, You reached out, You took it in, you appreciated, you knew you needed to do this. And now, there is no turning back, love you all. So impressive!!!! – Robin