Finding out your first born has a disease is so many things…
Hard to accept
and on and on.


At 23 I was like most first time expectant mothers. Naïve to the possibility that everything wouldn’t just be perfect. When we received confirmation that she had this thing called Cystic Fibrosis(CF) I was actually relieved. I have always been the person who would rather know the worst so I can work the problem.

Having it be your child is another new level and will teach you who you are and just how strong you can be.

This journey has been incredible. Incredibly hard. Incredibly beautiful.

For most of our daughters life, our biggest struggle was just keeping weight on her. Which ironically is hard
when the rest of the world is trying to loose weight. I have always told her to look for the positives. While we have always fought to keep things as normal as possible, these kids are anything but normal.

Breanna has always been my creative artist, gypsy, bohemian, tyrant, comedian and stubborn girl.

Now she is 18 and married. How did this happen? Where did the time go? When she was diagnosed her expected life was only 18 years.

We are so grateful for every day and that we survived the teenage craziness. Now we get to watch the next chapter unfold. Blessed each day.